Every student at CCA is involved in music.

  • Grades K-3 have music class twice a week and learn to sing and to play instruments such as xylophones and percussion.
  • 4th graders continue with singing and playing, and also learn to play the recorder.
  • 5th graders learn to play an instrument in beginning band.
  • In junior high, band meets every day and students get more experience on their band instrument, as well as learn to sing.
  • High school wind ensemble includes band and choir components, and students perform in worship services throughout the greater Wenatchee area.
  • "Basics" learning opportunities will be available after school for students who could benefit from more instructional time with the teacher and their instrument. These classes will be a group activity, focused on different instrument types during each period.

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Why music?

Students learn problem-solving, focus, nonverbal communication, receiving constructive feedback, collaboration, dedication, and accountability. Students are able to see the result of hard work and gain confidence from it. Together they are able to create a final product that is a beautiful gift to those who hear it.

Extracurricular opportunities exist for those who want even more music in their lives. Groups meet before or after school.

  • Elementary choir (grades 2-5)
  • Middle school bell choir (grades 5-8)
  • High school bell choir (grades 9-12)
  • New for the 2017-2018 school year - a jam session is open during junior high/high school lunch Tuesday to Thursday and after school on Fridays. Students can learn to play praise songs on the guitar, piano, or another instrument of their choice.