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2018 Belize Mission Team


Our trip was an enormous success! CCA's most recent mission trip to Belize took place April 1 - 11, 2018 and was led by Glenn Fisher, who also led CCA's previous trips in 2014 & 2016. CCA staff who accompanied our team of students and adults included Stephanie Gates, Julie Savino, Kyle Pepple and JD Rich. Due to the hard and quick work of our team, we accomplished far more than was expected by The King's Children's Home!


We made many new friends as our team helped teach the younger students, tutor the older ones and worked alongside KCH's care providers.


· Painted the interior and exterior of the church including a mural of the Ten Commandments on the outside wall.

· Installed and painted an interior wall to separate the church sanctuary from the school room.

· Purchased and installed about a dozen oscillating wall-mounted fans for the church, as well as 100 folding chairs.

· Built a podium (stage area) at the front of the sanctuary. It was really great to be able to share in the first worship service to occur in the new church sanctuary.

· Dug multiple trenches, laid pipe for water to and from the restrooms in the new church building, and backfilled the trenches. Also dug a 5' x 6' x 5' hole and filled it with rocks to act as a drainage field for the church's septic system.

· Poured the concrete cover of the church's septic system as well as poured concrete for multiple new walkways.

· Graded the entrance to the King's Children's Home with new gravel.


· Visited a Mayan ruins archaeological site

· Floated on a cave tubing excursion

· Snorkeled in crystal clear water and saw amazing sea life


Money raised from the ongoing CCA Italian Sodas class fundraiser was used to purchase and install two lights over either hoop of the outdoor basketball court, making it possible to enjoy nighttime basketball games.


CCA high school students have the opportunity to participate in mission work and have been going out of the United States to serve others for decades. In 2014, CCA adopted The King's Children's Home, an orphanage in Belmopan, Belize. Mission trips have provided construction services including building a security fence, raising a block building, painting and building picnic tables. CCA students have spent time with the children for evening worship, and enjoyed singing songs, telling stories, and playing games.

2014 Belize Mission Team

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