Supporter Achievements

Brick Paver Feature and Playground

Donors and supporters made their mark and are honored through the brick paver feature in the front entry of CCA.

Proceeds from the paver project contributed to the completion of the 2017 playground upgrade.

The paver and playground projects were successfully planned, coordinated and executed through the hard work of Dan Parker, Jackie Stonas, Warren Davis and Stephanie Gates, all of whom are parents of CCA alumni and current students.

CCA is a better school because of devoted, contributing people like these!

CCA Supporters have helped achieve many great things at CCA, through significant contributions of time and funds.

Projects completed in 2017 include:

COMPLETED in October

COMPLETED in September



COMPLETED in January

Remodel to CCA's front entry and sidewalks, including a CCA Supporter brick paver feature

Upgrade to playground equipment

Downpayment towards the purchase and renovation of a new-to-CCA MCI motorcoach

Purchase of an octave of handbells

Remodel to CCC, including the addition of a classroom, flooring replacement, repainting and a new entrance providing enhanced security