Why CCA?

Families have options when considering their child's education - public, private, faith-based, home-school.

CCA offers students of all backgrounds a genuine spiritual atmosphere, a broad diverse academic experience, as well as a safe, friendly and accepting environment.

Here's why you should consider CCA as your child's school for academic and spiritual learning: We love Jesus. We love students. We love learning.

Accreditation and Approval

CCA is accredited by the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, the National Council for Private School Accreditation, the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Secondary Schools, and the North American Division of SDA Education. CCA is an approved private school with the State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Teaching Staff

CCA's teaching staff loves teaching and is well-educated. Our 14 full-time teachers are certified and endorsed to instruct in their respective grades and areas of specialty; six have Master's degrees and two are enrolled in Master's programs. Five of our current teachers have taught at CCA for over a decade, and one has taught here for over 20 years.

In recent years, four beloved teachers have retired from long-term, dedicated teaching at CCA for periods ranging from 15 to 39 years. What a commitment, both to our students and to CCA!

Learn more about each teacher's education, history, hobbies and interests by reading their biographies found on our Staff page.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade

CCA provides excellent academic instruction in a Christ-centered, safe learning environment. Class sizes are small by design, providing for an excellent student to teacher ratio. Students in these grades have a homeroom teacher presenting materials at the appropriate grade level for most subjects. Several teachers also teach a specialty subject to multiple grades. CCA offers differentiated instruction that involves providing students with different avenues to learning.

Music, library and physical education specialists provide instruction on a weekly basis and a resource teacher is also available to students needing extra help based on assessments of the teacher, parents and Administration.

High School

CCA offers a college-preparatory course of studies designed to educate and prepare our students well for college and for life in the “real world”. The high school course of studies exceeds the minimum requirements for the State of Washington. Both the ACT and SAT college readiness/assessment tests are offered at CCA, as well as the PSAT test, which is used to measure readiness for college, access scholarships, and practice for the SAT. It is very common for students to develop strong mentoring relationships with teachers and staff. Graduates often return to visit to CCA and thank their teachers for preparing them well for university academics. The majority of our graduates go on to attend college, often with significant academic scholarship awards.

CCA’s classroom instruction is enhanced with learning that takes place off campus. There are a number of trips which take place during the school year throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Extracurricular activities include: Student Association (SA) activities, Trip Week, Bible Camp, Winter Activities, varsity sports, handbells, mission trips, Spring Spiritual Retreat, and Washington DC History Tour (takes place every 2-3 years). These opportunities help to create a full and memorable high school experience. Every student who wishes to participate in these activities is welcomed, regardless of prior experience or ability.

Family Groups

At the beginning of each school year, the CCA student body, grades K through 12, is divided into groups, each headed up by a member of our teaching staff. Throughout the year, these “family groups” get together during a chapel period for worship and a fun competition to win “Flash,” the school’s stuffed wolverine mascot. The competitions vary in style, include physical, mental, and creative events, and involve all ages of students within the family groups. Family groups are a wonderful way to promote cross-grade bonding, as well as provide leadership opportunities for older students.

Chromebooks in the Classroom

CCA provides Chromebooks as a valuable teaching and learning tool in the classroom. Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade use Chromebooks in each classroom on a rotating basis between these grades. Students in 5th through 12th grades are assigned their own Chromebook for the school year, utilizing it in various ways throughout almost every class. GoGuardian provides a complete Chromebook management solution, keeping students safer online 24/7 at school and at home through filtering and monitoring as well as assisting teachers in classroom management and instruction.

Effective integration of the Chromebook in the learning environment is the most important piece to a successful program. For many students, use of the Chromebook reveals an improved capability to comprehend and learn. Parents are pleased with the enhanced learning their students are experiencing and are very supportive of the education on digital citizenship that each student receives. Teachers appreciate the ways in which they are able to bring their subject matter to life.

Community Service and Missions

CCA students participate locally each year in “Make a Difference Day”. In the past, the high school students have helped with winter clean-up at Camp Zanika ; the middle school has raked bark at a local park for the City of Wenatchee and done cleaning at the Lighthouse Mission, a local ministry to help the homeless; 5th graders have decorated Thanksgiving baskets for Serve Wenatchee; K-4th graders have delighted assisted living residents with their joyful singing.

On a global level, CCA high school students have the opportunity to participate in mission trips and have been going out of the United States to serve others for decades. CCA has adopted The King's Children's Home, an orphanage in Belmopan, Belize, Central America. They have visited the school over the past years providing construction services such as building a security fence, raising a block building, painting and building picnic tables. CCA students also spend time with the children in the evening playing games, singing songs and telling stories. The most recent Belize Mission Trip took place in April 2018.

After School Academic Study Program

CCA offers an after school academic study program known as Academic Excellence (AE) for students in grades 6 - 12 as a way of helping students focus on their school work. AE meets after the last class period Monday through Thursday and is a study period for students whose grades reflect that more help and attention is needed. This is a supervised and structured setting where students have the opportunity to work with their teachers to complete their school work and gain better understanding of the subject.

Facilities and Campus

CCA's K-12 facilities provide a complete learning environment for our students and include a gymnasium, kitchen, cafeteria, 13 classrooms, band and music rooms, library, art room, technology and science labs, and an Industrial Arts shop. The fully-fenced campus covers about 10 acres and includes a playground (updated in 2017), outdoor basketball court, softball field and soccer/flag football field. Also on campus is Cascade Christian Child Care, a separate facility which provides early childhood education for children ages 12 months through 5 years, as well as care for school-age children through 12 years old.

Student Employment

There are many work opportunities at CCA for students age 14 and older. Students work about an hour each school day, earning Washington State minimum wage. Positions are available as graders for teachers and custodial helpers, as well as at Cascade Christian Child Care. Flexibility with work schedules is a natural part of employment at CCA, with work schedules generally starting after school and finishing in time for those participating in athletics. Students are taught the importance of being reliable and effective employees, while contributing funds to support their education.

CCA is privileged to have a long-standing music program that benefits every student, Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our school music program includes general music classes for Kindergarten through 4th grade, band for every student from 5th - 12th grades, and electives of elementary choir and middle school and high school handbell choirs. In addition to performances at school concerts, the junior high and high school bands are involved in hosting church services for local churches that support CCA. Students also learn to sing and perform choral works several times each year.

CCA middle school and high school students have the opportunity to participate in track and field, volleyball, basketball, soccer and cross country sports. CCA athletics is guided and governed by the CCA Athletics Handbook, as well as by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). CCA is in the WIAA District 6, 1B classification and competes against the other schools within that district classification.

Athletic participation can be a challenge for busy CCA students who juggle academics, after school jobs and other extracurricular commitments. Grade eligibility to participate is measured on an ongoing basis through the school year, ensuring that academics come before athletics in a student’s order of priorities. The fun of the game, the accomplishment of acquiring and improving their skills with a great coaching staff and team camaraderie are among the reasons why CCA students choose to participate in athletics.

Considering Enrollment?

Here are the steps to enrollment if you are considering enrolling your student.

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