I loved all twelve years at CCA. CCA was my home and everyone who worked there was like family. I was so blessed to be a part of this amazing school. I love visiting and seeing lots of smiling faces ready to welcome me back. CCA will always hold such a special place in my heart.

Hannah Stonas, CCA Graduate of the Class of 2017

I am blessed to have graduated from this amazing school. I know that every student attending CCA will be SO blessed by this amazing staff. Love you all and the whole CCA family will be in my prayers. ❤️ #LoveMercy

Madeline Ringering, CCA Graduate of the Class of 2015

CCA exceeds our expectations in how well they communicate with parents. We feel very informed of school events, expectations and how our son is performing. Teachers are quick to respond to emails and honest about behavior and performance. We really appreciate that.

Alicia Schwilke, CCA Parent

I really appreciate the math enrichment that is new this year for my son. I like that he is being challenged in a fun way. I love that Jesus is in the midst of everything they do all day long. I love his teacher, how she is nurturing and fun and is passionate about her job. I love that they start the week with chapel, start each day with worship and I love the Friday end-of-the-day routine!

Tina Wagner, CCA Parent

I like RenWeb and being able to check on my son’s progress periodically and the notifications it sends. When he has something that is negatively impacting his grades it makes it much easier to be proactive and informed rather than reactive at report card time. I am pleased with Ben’s educational adventure.

Lance Hansen, CCA Parent