CCA is more than a school, it’s a community of people who want to help each other thrive. Unlike many of my classmates, I did not attend CCA since elementary school. I arrived in 8th grade, but I was welcomed with open arms. All the teachers were kind and helped me succeed academically. The other staff were always welcoming and easy to talk to. CCA and all the staff members helped me achieve my academic goals and provided support through difficult times. Attending CCA was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Alberto, CCA Graduate of the Class of 2018

I loved all twelve years at CCA. CCA was my home and everyone who worked there was like family. I was so blessed to be a part of this amazing school. I love visiting and seeing lots of smiling faces ready to welcome me back. CCA will always hold such a special place in my heart.

Hannah, CCA Graduate of the Class of 2017

I am blessed to have graduated from this amazing school. I know that every student attending CCA will be SO blessed by this amazing staff. Love you all and the whole CCA family will be in my prayers. ❤️ #LoveMercy

Madeline, CCA Graduate of the Class of 2015

I am sad to see my family's time at CCA come to an end. I have expressed to Mrs. Gates and several teachers how blessed we feel to have been able to have our sons graduate from there. In our current culture, CCA is most assuredly a light in the darkness. The teachers are phenomenal, the education is rigorous, the staff always helpful - our observation is that all staff are committed to doing the best for the students who are there, and the advantage of the Christian, Godly influence is a value that can't be counted. That has been a blessing for our sons and our family.

Debbie H, CCA Parent

This is my son's first experience in school since he has been home schooled until now. He is adjusting to 6th grade and it has taken a little time, but he is getting there. He loves the atmosphere at CCA. He is comfortable and feels safe and valued. I can tell by the way he has made himself at home in several places, in addition to his regular classroom.

Michelle R, CCA Parent

CCA exceeds our expectations in how well they communicate with parents. We feel very informed of school events, expectations and how our son is performing. Teachers are quick to respond to emails and honest about behavior and performance. We really appreciate that.

Alicia S, CCA Parent

My daughter entered CCA a quarter of the way through her 9th grade year. She was in public school prior to this. CCA offers small class sizes which provide more individual student attention and academic support. My daughter has connected with an amazing group of peers in her classes, who are like-minded and love learning about God. I feel very fortunate to have CCA in the Wenatchee Valley as an option for my daughter's schooling. We could not be more thrilled to be part of the CCA family.

Shari S, CCA Parent

I like RenWeb and being able to check on my son’s progress periodically and the notifications it sends. When he has something that is negatively impacting his grades it makes it much easier to be proactive and informed rather than reactive at report card time. I am pleased with my son’s educational adventure.

Lance H, CCA Parent

I really appreciate the math enrichment available for my son. I like that he is being challenged in a fun way. I love that Jesus is in the midst of everything they do all day long. I love his teacher, how she is nurturing and fun and is passionate about her job. I love that they start the week with chapel, start each day with worship and I love the Friday end-of-the-day routine!

Tina W, CCA Parent

When my son was getting ready to go into school I wasn't sure where to put him; I knew he needed to have a small class size. Education is the most important thing for my son to have. I came across CCA, enrolled him in Kindergarten and have not looked back - CCA is the best school! In addition, being a mom who works full-time, they also have a great on-site childcare that he attends after school. The teachers are wonderful, the uniforms great, and my son is learning more about God & forming his foundation for his life. I am blessed and couldn't have asked for a better school.

Farrah M, CCA Parent