Uniform Policy

The principles that guide the uniform policy encourage modesty, neatness and simplicity.

The goal of CCA’s uniform policy is to have students project a positive Christian image on campus by being neat and tidy in appearance.

Students shall adhere to the uniform policy while on campus, at school functions and on school-sponsored trips, unless an exception is stated.

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Uniform Shirt

Lower-Half Wear

Collared polo shirt with CCA logo.

Exception: CCA-logoed sweater vest, jumper (each over a collared shirt) or button-down dress shirt or dress, which may be purchased from Lands End.

Approved Colors: color names vary between Lands' End & GPA Embroidery:

White Burgundy Navy Blue Dark Green

Pink Light Blue Light Brown

Yellow Royal Blue Dark Brown


The uniform shirt shall be long enough to cover the waistband with no skin visible at waist.


Solid-colored undershirts may be visible only at neckline of uniform shirt; no undershirt pattern or logos may be visible through the uniform shirt. Undershirts shall not be visible hanging below sleeves or hem of uniform shirt. Long-sleeved undershirts may not be worn under short-sleeved uniform shirts.

Includes pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers and dresses.

Approved Colors are tan and navy blue.

Fit & Length

Lower-half wear shall fit snugly around waist, with or without belt. Sloppy or saggy pants are not allowed. Undergarments should not be visible. Lower-half wear shall not be skin tight. Skinny or tight-fitting pants are not allowed. The hem of shorts, skirts, etc. shall be no shorter than 2” from the top of the kneecap (width of the student ID card), both front & back hems, measured while standing.

Leg Wear

Leggings, tights & hose may be worn under lower half wear and must be a solid color. Socks are not required to be a solid color.


Lower-half uniform wear may not be denim, flannel or fleece. Conspicuous decorative logos, designs, emblems or contrasting stitching are not allowed. Athletic wear including athletic shorts or pants, sweats, track pants, etc, may be worn only during athletic activities.

Outerwear and Other Attire

Special Event Attire

· Outerwear worn inside the building shall have the CCA logo and may include jackets, coats, zip-up hoodies, sweatshirts & vests.

· Non-logoed outerwear may be worn to/from school and outside during PE/recess.

· No pullover hoodies are permitted inside. Sweatshirts displaying the CCA mascot, CCA logo or CCA-related activities are acceptable on Fridays.

· No jewelry, including earrings (covering piercings with bandages is not allowed)

· No visible tattoos.

· No extreme/outlandish hair styles or unnatural hair color.

· No hats, hoods or head scarves may be worn inside.

· No holes or frays are permitted on clothing worn inside.

· Footwear is to be worn at all times.

· No clothing tied around waist.

On Fridays, students may be allowed to wear jeans and/or CCA Athletics apparel instead of a regular uniform shirt. Jeans may be allowed only on approved days and students will be notified in advance.

On certain occasions, CCA students have the opportunity to wear more formal attire (Banquet, Graduation, Talent Show, etc.). Although formal wear is appropriate, church attire is also appropriate and students should not feel pressured to buy expensive formal wear. Whether formal wear or church wear, all clothing should be modest.

Ladies' attire:

· Will be approved by sponsors at least two weeks prior to the event. All participants are encouraged to give themselves enough time before the event to make corrections if necessary.

· Will have shoulder straps

· Will cover the back from the waist up to the shoulder blades

· Will not have cutouts or sheer panels

· Will not reveal cleavage with normal movement

· Will not include jewelry

· Will have hems that approach the knee (2” from the top of kneecap – width of the student ID card).

· Will wear dress shoes

Gentlemen’s attire:

· Dress pants

· Dress shirt

· Dress shoes