Re-enroll for next school year!

What is re-enrollment? It's the process of notifying CCA that your currently-enrolled CCA student is returning next school year and reserves your student's seat. It also allows us to collect information necessary to plan effectively. Re-enrollment is required for all returning students.

These items are required in order to complete re-enrollment:

1) Re-Enrollment Form, one form per family

2) Consent to Treat Form, one form per student

3) $50 re-enrollment fee per student (cash/check/eCheck)

NOTE: The re-enrollment fee is refundable next school year only if the above forms are received and the fee is paid, all by March 9. The student must also return to school next year.

There are several ways to complete the forms, choose the one that works best for you!

Re-Enrollment Form

Consent to Treat Form

Google Form Download

form* @ office form**

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No Yes Yes

* Online, available below.

** Available to download @

Google Re-Enrollment Form: