Drop Off and

Pick Up

The City of Wenatchee has reviewed CCA's drop off and pick up procedures and periodically monitors to ensure that we are in compliance with city ordinances. We want to respect our neighbors and keep our students safe.


When driving up Academy St., if there are cars lined up in the parking lot up to the street, do not stop and wait to enter the parking lot there. Cars waiting to enter may not block street traffic here, as it could backup to Western. Instead, continue driving to the cul de sac, turn around, then drive back down Academy St. along the sidewalk. Once the cars pull forward into the parking lot you may enter the parking lot. We will have staff and volunteers monitoring and assisting cars as necessary.

~ Drop off and pick up only at designated locations. Dropping students off before supervised times in the morning puts students at risk.

~ Do not talk on cell phone while driving in the parking lot.

~ Be courteous to staff, volunteers and other drivers and follow all safety guidelines.


At pick up time, students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will be lined up in front of the gym. The driving area in front of the gym is one-way heading south during pick up times and cones will be set up to keep this area a one-way zone. Cars are to pull up all the way to the south end of the gym and students will step from their line and into their car and then leave. (The city said they expect this to be quick yet safe.) If you have picked up your child but are behind a car still waiting for a child, you may pull out of the line and exit.

If you park and wish to retrieve your child from their place in line by the gym, please use the crosswalk between the church and the school. Please carefully supervise your student in the parking area if you stay to speak with a teacher or another parent.


When students are dropped off at school there is no CCA staff supervision in the parking lot. The best route for drop off is to enter from Academy St. into the parking lot and drop your student off in front of the school or gym doors. Please be sure your child is ready to quickly and safely exit the vehicle. Please park your car if your child is not ready to get out when you enter the drop off areas.

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