Dress Code

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Uniform Shirt

Lower-Half Wear

Uniform Shirt includes CCA-logoed: polo shirt, dress shirt, vest, jumper or dress.

Vest and jumper are to be worn over a collared shirt. Vest, jumper and dress may be purchased only from the approved vendors.

Approved Colors: ANY solid color.

The uniform shirt shall be long enough to cover the waistband with no skin visible at waist.


Solid-colored undershirts may be visible only at neckline of uniform shirt; no undershirt pattern or logos may be visible through the uniform shirt. Undershirts shall not be visible hanging below sleeves or hem of uniform shirt. Long-sleeved undershirts may not be worn under short-sleeved uniform shirts.

Lower-Half Wear includes pants, shorts, skorts or skirt.

Approved Colors are tan or navy blue (solid colors).

Fit & Length

Lower-half wear shall fit snugly around waist, with or without belt. Sloppy or saggy pants are not allowed. Undergarments should not be visible. Lower-half wear shall not be skin tight. Skinny or tight-fitting pants are not allowed. The hem of shorts, skirts, etc. shall be no shorter than 2” from the top of the kneecap (width of the student ID card), both front & back hems, measured while standing.

Leg Wear

Leggings, tights & hose may be worn under lower half wear. Socks are not required to be a solid color.


Lower-half uniform wear may not be denim, flannel or fleece. Conspicuous decorative logos, designs, emblems or contrasting stitching are not allowed. Athletic shorts or pants, sweats, track pants, etc, may be worn only during athletic activities.

Outerware & Other, Friday, & Athletic Attire

Off-Campus & Trip Attire

Outerware & Other Attire

  • Outerwear worn inside the building shall have the CCA logo and may include jackets, coats, zip-up hoodies, sweatshirts & vests.

  • Non-logoed outerwear may be worn to/from school and outside during PE/recess.

  • No pullover hoodies are permitted inside.

  • No jewelry (no bandaid-covered piercings are allowed).

  • No visible tattoos.

  • No extreme/outlandish hair styles.

  • No hair color that is not natural to someone.

  • No hats, hoods or head scarves may be worn inside.

  • No holes or frays are permitted on clothing worn inside.

  • Footwear is to be worn at all times.

  • No clothing tied around waist.

Friday Attire

Students are permitted to wear jeans and a shirt/sweatshirt that bears the name/logo of CCA or CCA groups (such as athletics or music groups). Click this link for the CCA Athletics Squadlocker stores. Shirts/sweatshirts that do not bear the name/logo of CCA/CCA groups are not permitted. If students do not choose to wear the Friday-optional clothing, they are to follow the standard dress code policy.

Athletic Attire

Student athletes are not to wear uniforms, either practice or game, at any time other than those allowed by specified team regulations. The CCA Athletic Director and Administration will communicate standards for approved practice attire, adhering to a standard of modesty. Student athletes are to change into athletic wear immediately before participating in sports and, if remaining on campus after sports participation, are to change back into uniform.

After School Attire

Students remaining on campus after school are to remain in uniform, with the following exceptions:

    • Student athletes, as indicated above.

    • Custodial student workers are permitted to change out of uniform immediately before working, being mindful of the CCA dress code standards of modesty, simplicity & neatness. If remaining on campus after working, students are to change back into uniform.

Off-Campus & Trip Attire

Students participating in off-campus activities or trips will be notified if CCA uniforms are required. If uniforms are not required, clothing worn is to be in keeping with the dress code principles of modesty, simplicity and neatness. No jewelry is allowed while participating in CCA off-campus activities. The goal of CCA’s dress code policy is to have students project a positive Christian image. All clothing is to be in keeping with Christian standards in fit and presentation (words, pictures, logos on shirts). Students following these guidelines yet still appear inappropriately dressed, will be asked to adjust their appearance.

Below are guidelines to be followed when wearing non-uniform clothing.


• Words, pictures, logos are to be in keeping with Christian standards.

• Tank tops are acceptable, providing there is no bra or cleavage showing.

• Shirts must have straps and/or cover both shoulders. Off-the-shoulder shirts are not allowed.

• Shirts must reach the pants/shorts waistband. Skin should not be showing at the stomach area.


• Short length must reach at least to the end of your fingertips, when standing with arms relaxed at your sides.

• Pants/shorts must not be skin tight.

• Exercise pants are not permitted.

Music Performance Attire

Special Event Attire

All students will participate in musical performances. The attire for these events is as follows:

Grades K-5: Black and white

• Black pants or skirt (length must meet CCA dress code)

• White shirt (no tank tops)

• No jewelry

Grades 6-12: All black

• Black slacks (skirts/dresses okay for ladies), nice black shirts, black shoes.

• Skirts and pants must be ankle-length.

• No sleeveless tops

• No jeans

• Clothing must not be skin-tight or see-through.

• No jewelry

On certain occasions, CCA students have the opportunity to wear more formal attire (Banquet, Graduation, Talent Show, etc.). Although formal wear is appropriate, church attire is also appropriate and students should not feel pressured to buy expensive formal wear. Whether formal wear or church wear, all clothing should be modest.

Special event attire will be approved by sponsors at least two weeks prior to the event. All participants are encouraged to give themselves enough time before the event to make corrections if necessary.

Ladies' attire:

· Will have shoulder straps

· Will cover the back from the waist up to the shoulder blades

· Will not have cutouts or sheer panels

· Will not reveal cleavage with normal movement

· Will not include jewelry

· Will have hems that approach the knee (2” from the top of kneecap – width of the student ID card).

· Will wear dress shoes

Gentlemen’s attire:

· Dress pants

· Dress shirt

· Dress shoes