COVID-19 Plans

Dear CCA Families,

I wanted to send a follow up email to all of you about the decisions that are being considered in light of COVID-19 and the suggestions that are being made by CDC and WHO. We want to protect everyone and be proactive in our measures of due diligence with the spread. At this time our local Chelan-Douglas Health Dept. is not recommending closing school, but will work with us and determine the best measures should they suggest closure. Daily we are reading the resources they are providing from CDC and WHO, along with the Washington State Department of Health.

Currently the staff is working on plans for online school, should we be asked to close our doors. We want to be prepared and proactive as we stay up-to-date with the above mentioned agencies. As day-to-day developments occur this will increase the pressure for schools to move to a distance delivery for school. This will impact all of our lives and we do not take this lightly as we plan.

Staff will be working this afternoon to put things in place should we be asked or the decision is made to shut down face-to-face teaching. At this time we are not planning to do this, but are being proactive in case. Thank you for your patience and continued prayers as we take our decisions seriously.

Blessings to each of your families,

Stephanie Gates, Principal