After School at CCA

The following after school policies are in place to ensure the safety of all students.

Dismissal Times

Monday thru Thursday

Kindergarten 2:30 pm

Grades 1-5 3:00 pm

Grades 6-12 3:34 pm

Fridays & Half Days

All Grades 12:00 pm

Grades K-4

Sibling Supervision

Supervision is provided only for K-4 students who have older siblings enrolled at CCA with a later dismissal time. There is no cost for Sibling Supervision. Elementary teachers provide Sibling Supervision in the cafeteria until 3:34pm, Monday through Thursday (no grace period for late pick up). Students may only be signed out by parents/guardians; older siblings may not sign out K-4 students. There is no Sibling Supervision on Fridays and other half days; pick up time is 12:00pm (no grace period for late pick up).

Child Care

Child care is not provided on-site at CCA. CCA’s childcare center, Cascade Christian Child Care (CCC), provides child care before and after school, and on many CCA no-school days and CCA vacations. CCC is located in a separate building on campus. Limited space has been reserved for after-school CCA students, on a first-come, first-served basis. Families must register their student in advance with CCC in order to reserve their child’s space and receive child care. Only students pre-registered at CCC will be escorted after dismissal to CCC by CCC staff. CCC may be reached at (509) 662-3573 or

Late Pick up

Teachers are busy with grading, planning and lesson preparation and it is important that their time be respected by picking up students promptly. Parents/guardians will be called if their student is not picked up on time. If teachers are unable to reach parents/guardians, emergency contacts will be called.

Late Pick up Fees

Late pick up fees are assessed in order to ensure timely pickup and to safeguard the teachers’ time. Pick up time will be recorded as of the time shown on the CCA clocks.

Monday - Thursday, Full school days - Students in Sibling Supervision not picked up by 3:34 pm will be billed $3 per minute late. All other K-5 students not picked up within 15 minutes of their dismissal time (2:30 pm or 3:00 pm) will be billed $3 per minute late.

Fridays, Half school days - There is no Sibling Supervision and students not picked up by 12:00pm will be billed $3 per minute late.

Grades 5-12

Students in grades 5-12 may remain on campus if they are participating in approved after school activities such as student work, sports (grades 5-12), seeking teacher assistance, or other activities, as approved. Students not participating in these activities are to be picked up or leave campus promptly at dismissal time. Students remaining after dismissal time who are not in an approved after school activity will be asked to leave and/or their parent will be contacted to pick them up.

Students are to continue to exhibit good behavior and decorum when remaining on campus after dismissal time. Students are expected to:

  • Remain in uniform, with the following exceptions:

      • Student athletes are to change into athletic wear immediately before participating in sports. If remaining on campus after sports participation, students are to change out of athletic wear prior to reentering the hallway.

      • Custodial student workers are permitted to change out of uniform immediately before working, being mindful of the CCA dress code standards of modesty, simplicity & neatness. If remaining on campus after working, students are to change back into uniform.

  • Remain in supervised and/or public areas, as applicable to the after school activity.

  • Keep belongings such as backpacks and clothing with them. Belongings are not to be left unattended on the floor or elsewhere.

  • Be picked up or leave campus promptly once the after school activity concludes.

  • Wait quietly and safely for parent pick up in the front entry sidewalk and hallway areas of the school. Students are not to wait in the parking lot or driving areas. There is to be no running outside or in the hallways, no swinging on the railings, and no roughhousing.

  • Follow the guidelines set forth in the Handbook.

Students not following these expectations will be addressed following the progressive discipline policy and may lose the privilege of participating in after school activities.