About CCA

CCA's history, academics, and beliefs


Educating our kids to love, do the right thing in all circumstances, forgive and live in peace, and bring their best to everything they do.


Cascade Christian Academy (CCA) welcomes students from all religious traditions and creates a safe space for all students to learn. Seventh-day Adventist Christian beliefs and values are presented in a positive way in classes and activities. CCA strives to maintain a high degree of excellence in its academic pursuits, emphasizing a college-preparatory program and encouraging continuing higher education for its graduates.

CCA was established to assist youth in preparing for a life of quality and service, which, through a growing relationship with Christ, will extend and expand into eternity. Reverence for God and service to humanity are encouraged. The Bible, accepted as God’s written word, has a prominent role in the educational experience provided.

CCA acknowledges God’s ownership of all human resources and is pledged to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-directed Seventh-day Adventist curriculum, which will promote the fullest development of the student’s spiritual, physical, mental, and social faculties.


CCA is governed by a Board of Trustees in cooperation with the Upper Columbia Conference and the North Pacific Union Conference Offices of Education. Board members are appointed by CCA's four Constituent Seventh-day Adventist churches which are: Cashmere, Leavenworth, Valley View and Wenatchee. Board meetings are generally held on the 3rd Monday of each month in the CCA Spanish room at 6:30 p.m. Parents and church members may attend board meetings with permission from the Board chairperson. In order to speak to a particular agenda item, a parent or church member must submit a written request at least two weeks before the board meeting.

History of Cascade Christian Academy (CCA)

CCA has been providing Christian education in the Wenatchee Valley for over 100 years. Throughout that period, the growth and goals of the school have been supported through the time, energy and funding provided by students, parents, staff, board members, the Seventh-day Adventist church, and churches of other Christian denominations. CCA has also been the grateful recipient of significant financial gifts from generous individuals, businesses and philanthropic organizations. All of these individuals and groups are critically important in providing the entire program that can be found at CCA today.

CCA was founded in 1905, with the support of the Wenatchee Seventh-day Adventist church and community. First known as the Wenatchee Seventh-day Adventist School and formerly held in the brick building that now serves as a Community Service Center, the school later became Wenatchee Adventist Junior Academy and grew with the construction of the current elementary classroom wing and gymnasium in the 1960s. With the addition of the eleventh and twelfth grades in 1988 and the construction of the high school building, the school was named Cascade Christian Academy. In 2009, the middle school building was constructed, connecting the elementary and high school buildings, completing the facility enjoyed by students and staff today.

History of Cascade Christian Child Care (CCC)

CCC is the early childhood division of CCA, and provides educational and curriculum-based child care for children ages 1 through 12. CCC began in 1992 and expanded in 1996 to its current facility which includes a full gym, cafeteria, kitchen and five classrooms. CCC is a licensed child care provider with Washington State Department of Early Learning.